N-Flight Planning

The shortest way to the optimal route

The N-Flight Planning software suite is a multi-tiered and fully scalable flight plan optimisation solution that helps create the safest and most cost-effective routes.

Intuitive and user-friendly, N-Flight Planning is tailored to customer requirements and can be rapidly implemented. This suite is fully compatible with other NAVBLUE solutions, allowing air transport operators to take full advantage of its features.

N-Crew Planning

North America’s N°1 planning solution

N-Crew Planning’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to plan crew member activities. N-Crew Planning creates optimised schedules that satisfy both the coverage and productivity requirements of the company and the flying preferences of crew members. The suite is designed to provide maximum transparency, whilst add-on modules increase the software’s value by allowing users to customise the overall planning process.

NAVBLUE’s N-Crew Planning is the number one trusted solution in North America.


The fully integrated EFB

N-Flysmart by Airbus suite is a comprehensive set of applications to help the crew perform operations with maximum safety and efficiency.

This integrated Electronic Flight Bag offers customised performance solutions (take-off, landing, inflight), including a documentation browser, an electronic flight folder and a Cross-Logbook for maintenance.


Safety under scrutiny

N-Airfase is a flight data analysis software designed to help airlines improve safety via post-flight reviews of recorded in-flight events.

This solution is suitable for all aircraft types. The intuitive interface allows users to browse through the data and analyse significant events. An optional feature allows users to enhance the data through tracking events observed by airline staff using NAVBLUE’s Safety Management System software.


Hassle-free documentation updates

N-Documentation software is a modular digital documentation management solution specially designed for Airbus aircrafts. The software can help save up to 80% of the time needed to update and customise maintenance and flight operations documentation.

For higher performance, NAVBLUE allows you to assign this task to Airbus experts and benefit from their unique knowledge of Airbus aircraft features.


More than just a flight and fleet tracker

N-Tracking goes above and beyond simply meeting all current and future ICAO flight tracking requirements efficiently.

Extra features include personalised alerts, real-time information on destination airports, analysis of past operations, as well as a replay function to help optimise future flight plans.

N-Track can be integrated with N-Flight Planning to monitor whether flight operations are developing according to plan or whether specific actions should be expected.


Optimising each and every flight

N-Performance provides aircraft performance calculations, helping to optimise take-off and landing, maximise payload, decrease fuel consumption and minimise aircraft wear and tear.

This solution integrates TODC (Take-Off Data Calculation), PEP (Performance Engineering Programme) and LTS (Load and Trim Sheets), offering unparalleled flexibility and functionality in a single interface. It is fully customisable to all aircraft types and airports.


Monitoring and improving safety

N-SAMS is a global reporting platform developed to help manage the safety data workflow across airline organisation and processes, in line with ICAO requirements.

N-SAMS is designed to facilitate the daily work of airline staff. It enables various sources of data to be gathered for Safety Management System implementation, and is suitable for companies operating both Airbus and non-Airbus aircraft.

N-Software Services

N-Software Services help you enhance your operations through unique software solutions.