Bringing you to the next level of safety

ROPS is an on-board alert system designed to prevent runway overrun on landing. The software is certified by all leading authorities.

ROPS by NAVBLUE monitors the position of the aircraft and its real-time landing performance (speed, weight, braking action) to provide recommendations to the pilot. This solution is a major breakthrough in safety improvement.

NAVBLUE also helps airlines reduce their insurance costs when fully loaded.

Airspace by NAVBLUE

The world’s number one expert in Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Airspace by NAVBLUE allows airports to implement Performance Based Navigation (PBN). The benefits to both airports and airlines are numerous, including shorter and more direct routes, reduction of airport and airspace congestion, and improved access to airports in reduced visibility. PBN highly contributes to minimizing the environmental impact of air transport by reducing fuel burn and aircraft CO2 emissions.

YourOperations by NAVBLUE

We’ll take care of your complex tasks

YourOperations by NAVBLUE delegates all or part of your Flight Operations to NAVBLUE. This allows you to focus on your core business and benefit from our intimate knowledge and experience of the comprehensive NAVBLUE solutions, and their impact on your operations.

YourOperations by NAVBLUE is ideal for established aircraft operators looking to outsource part of their operations, as well as for new entrants with limited resources.

GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE

Monitoring the unpredictable

Although RAIM+ and N-Flight Planning can provide airlines with accurate forecasts, it is impossible to predict events that may affect the GNSS signal – solar flares, for example. GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE helps ANSPs to monitor and record the GNSS signal (according to ICAO Annex 10 guidance) and track any drop in signal quality.

This solution is used for archive or investigation purposes and also includes real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities.


Controlling interference

ELISE by NAVBLUE uses full 3D interference simulation software, developed by Airbus using the calculation power of its supercomputer. It can predict and analyse disturbances caused by objects (such as cranes, buildings or various types of aircraft, also taking into account their exact positioning) on Instrument Landing System (ILS) signals.

ELISE by NAVBLUE helps airport services to increase capacity, reduce holdings and increase safety in low visibility conditions. It also enables optimisation of airside land usage, allowing buildings to be built on land previously deemed non-constructible without disrupting the facility’s ILS signal.

Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE

Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE optimise the overall Air Traffic Management ecosystem by providing products and services around safety, compliance and performance-monitoring.